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We’re Hiring! (Visual Designer – Web/Graphic/UI)

Sleepless Media is looking for a passionate, experienced visual/graphic/UI designer to join our team. Please note: This is an in-house design position, we are not looking for a developer. About the Position: One of our designers will be on leave … Continue reading

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The Definition of the Mobile-First Approach to Web Design

You’ve probably heard a lot of web developers and designers talk about the mobile-first approach. The first time you’ve heard it, you probably thought of one main thing: smartphones. When you talk about mobile, you usually talk about mobile phones, … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Designing Websites with a Content-First Approach

When you create a website, the first thing that you think of is how to draw visitors to your site. Most of the time, designers focus on the design and the technicalities and leave anything related to content in the … Continue reading

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What is User Experience (UX) Design? Here’s an Overview.

I bet you’ve heard the terms “UX Design” and “User-Experience Design” thrown around quite regularly lately when it comes to websites, apps and more. Well, so have we, and that’s all good and fine (we’re huge proponents of good UX … Continue reading

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How to Write An RFP for a Website Design or Development Project

Website design or development projects come in many different sizes. Some are simple, and some are more complex. Regardless of what type of web design a client wants, it is important that the designer and the client agree on how … Continue reading

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What is Responsive Web Design? Check out our Video.

The majority of the websites we design today are “mobile responsive.” We’ve found that it can sometimes be difficult to explain responsive functionality to clients. Please see our video on what responsive design is, how it works and why it … Continue reading

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Understanding Parallax Style Website Design and How it Works

Every time something new is introduced, like a word or title, people often misunderstand it. Parallax, for example, is not a new disease or some sort of medication. It’s a style used for designing websites and it’s not an entirely … Continue reading

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Whitespace: The Secret Ingredient to a Great Looking Website

Having a website that looks good is important if you want to create a strong impact on the online community. Website designers know this. This should also be a primary concern of website owners. Therefore, it is essential to focus … Continue reading

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The Importance of Posting a Video on Your Website for Good SEO

Why do websites with videos perform better than those with static content?  Why are videos now considered valuable SEO tools? To find the answers to these questions, we need to understand why videos are preferred by more people. Reason Number … Continue reading

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